You would be spending majority of your time implementing end-to-end features of our web-app. This would require a 360-degree knowledge of frontend and backend web technologies – to the extent you can intuitively visualize the simplest solutions to complex technical challenges. You must know at least one Python backend framework inside out. Similarly on front-end, you should have extensive experience with at least one Javascript library.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities
  • Participate in architectural and implementation discussions
  • Suggest architectural improvements and implementing them
  • Develop and test modular backend code in Python
  • Develop and test modular frontend code in JS with focus on performance
  • Develop in-house marketing automation flows
  • Bachelors or higher in Computer Science
  • 2+ years of working experience in building web applications
Required Skills
  • Strong grasp on Django or webapp2
  • Strong grasp on Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Working knowledge of any templating language
  • Familiarity with Linux shell and any scripting language
  • Understanding of relational and document-based databases
  • Understanding of data-structures and object oriented programming
  • Wholistic understanding of web infrastructure, including but not limited to CDN, DNS, load-balancers etc.
  • Wholistic understanding of web technologies, including but not limited to oauth, cookies, sessions, pub-sub etc.
  • Familiarity with Chrome Dev tools
  • Excellent communication skills
Brownie Points
  • Experience with GSAP or any other animation library
  • Understanding of browser’s rendering engine
  • Experience with React
  • Experience with Jinja