Chapter 1. Landing pages 101

Why is everyone talking about landing pages? What's the big fuss? Learn how they are different from websites. And how could landing pages improve your business. Read more »

Chapter 2. Choosing the right tools

As a customer you've endless choices. Learn the pros and cons of each method to avoid analysis paralysis and adopt the right tools. Read more »

Chapter 3. Build your first landing page

Building a page is simple. But creating one that creates an awesome first impression requires years of design experience. Learn how PageHits is revolutionizing the design process so that anybody can do it. Read more »

Chapter 4. AB test with pages and variants

See for yourself how easy it is to carry out AB testing on PageHits Read more »

Chapter 5. Setting your domain

Learn all about domains, subdomains and how to use your own domain with PageHits. Read more »

Chapter 6. Capturing leads

Learn how to use Call-to-action buttons and forms to capture leads from your landing pages. Read more »