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We are very excited to present our digital marketing survey results. This is important for us as well as our customers to get a pulse of the market. The survey is based on 494 respondents from different industries all across the US.

While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, this is not an elaborate statistically perfect survey. However, we find it very helpful for our decision-making purposes and believe you will find the value out of this.

Happy reading!

How important is digital marketing for you?

Not surprisingly, 83% of the respondents feel that digital marketing is very important. This is a standard trend we have seen over the years. This stems from the fact that younger decision-makers are also active social media users. And they understand the benefits of being present on multiple platforms.

One key difference between industries is that Technology-focused companies tend to be 20% more digital-savvy than traditional industries like Real Estate.

What are your key objectives for digital marketing?

When it comes to the objectives, there is a bit of a contest between the parameters. However, the Lead Generation seems to be the winner in this crowded race with 41% of respondents saying that they value lead generation as the key objective for digital marketing initiatives.

Interestingly, it seems like most companies do not directly associate earning revenue with digital marketing. Instead, they use it as a funnel to create and nurture leads.

What is your focus area when it comes to digital marketing?

Did we say content is king? Content marketing seems to be the evergreen blue-eyed boy of digital marketing. 34% of the marketers said that they value content marketing as their topmost priority.

Paid Ads (Google, Facebook, etc.) have enjoyed steady growth over the years. This shows the trust marketers have in intent-based marketing approaches. Not only that, companies just starting digital marketing relies heavily on paid ads to build their presence. SEO being a long-term play is not actively pursued by a lot of marketers.

Which social platforms generate the most ROI for you?

The verdict is mixed here. Depending upon industry and focus area, the response varies from industry to industry. Google leads the pack with Facebook and Linkedin not too far behind. YouTube is enjoying a steady growth with more and more content creators focusing on video content.

What is also striking is that a whopping 34% says Don’t Know, which tells us either companies are not using the platforms effectively or not monitoring the analytics.

What are your pain points?

Lack of a clear plan of action seems to be the biggest roadblock for pursuing digital marketing. 43% of the respondents told us that they suffer from a Lack of Clarity. This is in line with what we hear from our customers consistently. As decision-makers, they are more occupied with their day-to-day deliverables and it is tough for them to keep up with the dynamic (and at times chaotic) landscape of digital marketing.

Do you already have or are you looking to hire a marketing agency?

Most of the companies we asked, rely on marketing agencies to carry out the marketing responsibilities. The typical pattern is that companies have a small in-house team and augment it with external resources.

One of the reasons for this is that digital marketing is not a point-in-time transaction. Rather it is a continuous process that requires a lot of planning and execution overhead. Also, the cross-functional nature of marketing assignments require a team as opposed to a single person executing multiple tasks.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, here are the key takeaways from the survey:

  1. Digital Marketing investment continues to reap benefits and companies are well aware of that.

  2. Lead generation is the key driver why companies spend time and money on digital marketing.

  3. Paid ads continue to rule the roost when it comes to lead generation.

  4. There is a lack of clear strategy and decision-making. This gives an edge to companies that take informed decisions and have a clear plan of action.

  5. Companies seek expert advice when it comes to strategy and execution.

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