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A lot has changed in the 21st Century. The way we create, and promote our products and brands have changed drastically. Digital Marketing has now become a key tool for any company. It is used to not only promote their brand but also to attract new customers and, more importantly, engage with them. Social Media Marketing is one such Digital Marketing tool that is becoming increasingly popular due to its wide reach, easy accessibility, and relatively low cost.

Social Media Marketing can simply be defined as the use of social media platforms and websites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to promote a product or service. This involves posting content like blogs, videos, and images on major social media sites using both paid and organic posts.

Why is it important?

Have you ever looked at the number of daily users across social media platforms? Look it up and you will be surprised!

Consumer behavior starts taking shape via social media and opinions get formed on social media. Your competition is likely to be present on social media too. In simple terms, having a social media presence helps you create a direct relationship with customers. Both small and big businesses have successfully adapted Social Media Marketing and have generated more conversions at a cheaper price.

As a brand, if you had the opportunity to engage with and understand your audience better for a low price, why would you pass it up?

What are your objectives?

When you are just getting started with Social Media Marketing, it is easy to get carried away. It is important to keep a clear list of the goals and objectives before you start posting on social media.

While spreading brand awareness should be your primary goal, do not forget that this is also going to be your direct channel of communication with your customers. Once you have the basics in place, you can always use this medium to promote your upcoming product launches and more importantly establish yourself in positions of authority. Rather than creating a point in time plan, it is advisable to create a roadmap to achieve your goals keeping in mind the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant for your business. 

Define your budget

Although social media is not too costly, keep in mind that it does require a cross-functional team of experts to be successful. Only when the backend processes run like a well-oiled machine, can you derive maximum out of it. What you do should be ultimately tied to your company or brand goals. Running paid promotions has its costs associated with it too.

Who is your target audience?

If you are marketing retirement homes, do you think you will find a majority of your target audience on Tiktok or Facebook?

Be clear about your target market and audience and it will be easier to get to them and to get what you want from them. It is important to understand your audience’s needs and pain points for you to address their issues and provide solutions. Also, keep in mind that segmenting your audience will enable you to send personalized messages based on specific customer behavior and will help create a relationship and instill trust quickly. 

Types of social media marketing

There are several types of social media marketing. Chances are you are familiar with almost all of them. But the issue here is that every platform requires a different and unique strategy. That is where things get a bit challenging. Following are the key social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Delivery channels

Once you know your audience and are clear about your objectives, it is now time to put your thoughts into action. Understand what kind of content will go well with your audience segments and the social media platforms you are targeting. Based on your objectives, start spinning content for different platforms. Keep it simple and true to your brand and let the magic happen. You must be out there on multiple channels to be discovered and loved.

Content scheduling

However mundane this might seem, our advice is to not ignore this. It is all about timing!

Big brands would tell you a few stories that worked for them at the beginning that ultimately helped them be who they are today. Similarly, if you can exploit market gaps and can communicate your solutions effectively, guess what, you are on the path of establishing yourself in the position of authority. Consider factors like the time of day, day of the week, seasonality, etc. while deciding upon content scheduling.

Run A/B tests

We cannot emphasize more on this point. Make sure to try out different types of combinations, different images, different delivery times, and so on to identify what works best for you. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. You must keep tweaking different parameters and double down on the winning strategies, ignore the losers and figure out what works best for your brand or product.

Measure & Optimize

With the advent of technology, the good news is that all your actions can be monitored and measured. It is highly recommended for you to keep monitoring the campaign outcomes in terms of post views, shares, likes, video downloads, app downloads, revenue generated, as applicable. That way you can understand your mistakes and keep tweaking the process to generate maximum ROI.

Social Media Marketing, when used efficiently can make an enormous difference in the growth of your brand or company. You can start with one social media platform and then expand to the rest as well. Figure out what works best for your brand or company and be consistent with your posts and optimization and lastly, remember to be patient!

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